Health Options® V.9: Driving NHS Health Checks with Call and Recall

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This month we’re delighted to announce the release of Health Options® Version 9, the very latest in IT solutions for delivering and administering NHS Health Checks.

Health Options® V.9 represents the culmination of over ten year’s experience in the public health sector, throughout which we’ve aspired to create intuitive IT solutions that give complete support to patients, providers and commissioners.

Our new software suite allows NHS Health Check providers to carry out the complete end-to-end process. Health Options® with Call and Recall can:

  1. Run queries on GP databases and find the local eligible cohort*
  2. Risk stratify the identified cohort and estimate individuals’ risk to enable targeted invites (e.g. high risk patients)*
  3. Automatically generate and send health check invites to selected individuals*
  4. Pull patient contact data into Health Options® in preparation for delivering health checks
  5. Complete interactive, motivational and patient-focused consultations
  6. Process any necessary referrals
  7. Transfer all health check data direct onto the patients’ record (inc read codes)

(* = New features of Health Options® V.9)

Whilst this process gives a view of the front line of health check delivery, we also work extensively behind the scenes to provide our partners with a complete technical and administrative back office. This support service means our partners receive monthly analyses of their programmes’ performance, with all outcomes closely tracked and reported on.

What’s new about Health Options® V.9?

The first three points in the above process have all been made possible by the new ‘Call & Recall’ feature of Health Options® V.9.

With Call & Recall, providers and project leads enjoy the following benefits:

  • Cohort identification, invite generation and letter posting are automated; practices are no longer required to complete any of these processes manually.
  • All information is stored simply and centrally for GP practices. This means that risk estimations for eligible individuals and invite tracking are all accessible via the same IT programme that’s used to deliver health checks and return data to clinical systems.
  • Basic contact info for invited individuals is imported into Health Options® in preparation for a health check. This cuts down the amount of time needed to input this during a consultation.
  • All data as to the number of invites sent and taken up is reported on for local authorities, drastically simplifying the process of reporting this information to Public Health England.

If you’d like to view the software and Call & Recall plug-in in action, contact us at and quote ‘Request for V.9 demonstration webinar’ in the email title.