My Well Record outcomes

High-level summary

My Well Record (MWR) is Health Diagnostics’ online personal health reporting portal. Individuals that have had a health check can use it to gain access to their results, receive targeted and personalised advice based on their risk levels and access a range of on-going support resources. Crucially, people can use it to develop their own plans for behaviour change. My Well Record is used on a wide range of the projects that Health Diagnostics support.


Reported lifestyle outcomes

  • 72% of individuals make a change immediately following their health check
  • 94% of individuals plan to make further changes in the future
  • 82% of individuals state that their health check has affected how they make decisions relating to health and lifestyle.

My Well Record usage

  • The average session time on the site is 9:16, which is extremely good by industry standards; according to Databox, around 73% of website sessions or under 4 mins
  • 59% of individuals use the built in functionality to explore change plans
  • 91% of patients state that they are satisfied with the digital reporting they receive