NHS Health Check learning resources digitally published online

In a bid to increase access to Health Diagnostics’ library of published materials, a large amount of content has been made digitally available online. The contents of this library can be viewed as online magazines through a range of devices including computers, tablets and phones. Having been closely engaged with reporting on the national programme since its inception, the hope is that these materials will enhance the rich array of free NHS Health Check learning resources available online. So what’s included in Health Diagnostics’ digital library?


NHS Health Check News


The first edition of NHS Health Check News is featured in the library, as will be a forthcoming issue. The newspaper’s first issue – released at Public Health England’s February 2014 conference – includes a range of articles that focus on issues such as the latest research and developments in provider competencies. The centerfold features a case study on County Durham’s Check4Life programme and documents how the ‘end-to-end’ solution is being implemented in the North East. Click the title link to view the newspaper.


Example Training Materials

MI Booklet

This section features the Motivational Interviewing workbook that’s supplied to providers on training days. The workbook is intended to give guidance and advice on how to encourage constructive lifestyle conversations that promote positive lifestyle change. Whilst Health Diagnostics offer a number of training materials and guides to providers, this workbook is the only example that’s made freely available online for public use. Get in touch to find out more about Health Diagnostics’ range of training resources. Click the title link to view the workbook


NHS Health Check Leadership Forum

NHS Leadership

This report contains the summary and findings from the first NHS Health Check Leadership Forum. The forum took place during the 2013 Commissioning Show where public health professionals came together to share learning and experience of NHS Health Check programme delivery. An expert panel presented the findings from a range of local projects and public health researchers reported on the early indications from the national evaluation. Click the title link to view the report.


Picture of Health Reports

Pic of health

During 2012 – amid unprecedented changes being made to the commissioning and delivery of NHS services – Health Diagnostics sponsored the production of the Picture of Health reports. This series of three reports and a case study offered clear and comprehensive information on the transition of public health from PCT to local authority control. Produced by Andy Cowper, editor of Health Policy Insight and Achieving Commissioning Excellence, the documents were made up of interviews with experts from around England. They continue to offer unique insights into the commissioning and delivery of NHS Health Checks through local authority. A case study on the North East of England’s service model is included. Click the title link to view the reports and case study.