The Cloud Suite is a powerful set of digital
tools for managing and providing health
checks. We create technology that works
in both on and offline settings to suit every
different delivery model.

Five modules are available individually or as an integrated suite, depending on your needs:



Find, target and invite people for a health check.

• Establish the local eligible cohort by running queries remotely on clinical systems
• Use a range of predictive risk algorithms and filters to stratify your target group
• Call and recall patients with automated SMS and postal inviteson



Deliver empowering consultations that inspire lifestyle change.

• Maximise patient benefit with an interactive user interface
• Ensure that risk communication is powerfully conveyed with dynamic graphics
• Guarantee complete and accurate datasets


Data Transfer

Securely transfer health data to where it needs to be

• Eliminate the admin burden by electronically integrating with patient records
• Streamline referral pathways with automated e-transfers to approved providers
• Establish clear data audit trails


Data Analytics

Bring your data to life with dynamic online dashboards.

• Receive in-depth analytics on local health trends and provider performance
• See the long-term impact of programmes by accessing outcome data
• Generate validated invoices for providers


Health Reporting

Give people the tools to change their lifestyle.

• Grant access to personal results via a secure online portal
• Enable targeted advice based on personal risk scores
• Provide access to a range of on-going lifestyle support resources

Our proven results speak for themselves

91% of people surveyed report that the Cloud Suite’s Personalised Health Reporting has improved their overall experience of the health check
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