The end-to-end solution for NHS Health Checks in 10 easy steps

If you’re involved with the NHS Health Checks, you may be familiar with talk of digital ‘end-to-end’ solutions for the programme. However, having a clear idea of what a digital solution actually looks like can be another matter altogether! To help give a coherent account of how Health Diagnostics’ IT solution works, we’ve put together the five-minute animation above.

Released in support of the NHS Health Check National Conference, the animation walks you through the complete solution in ten easy steps. From identifying the eligible cohort, through to delivering health checks and transferring data to patient records, the whole process is explained in relation to how it’s facilitated by Health Options® software.

If you attended the conference, hopefully you came and quizzed us about it! We were on stand 26. If you didn’t attend, we hope that the animation means you can still get impression of what we were talking to delegates about.

Whilst encouraging evidence has recently emerged showing that the NHS Health Checks effectively ‘prevented 2,500 heart attacks and strokes’ in the first five years of the programme, this latest research does also emphasise that there’s ‘room for improvement’. At Health Diagnostics, we’re confident that we can help ensure this improvement through the sophisticated technology and seamless integration detailed in the animation above.

Find out more about how we could help make NHS Health Checks better for you and your local populations by viewing the video and getting in touch!