Health Options CS is a powerful suite of cloud-based tools for managing and providing health checks. We create technology that interoperates with all clinical systems and works in both on and offline settings.

5 modules: available individually or as an integrated suite



Find, target and invite people for a health check.​

Core functionality

Establish the local cohort eligible for your programme by running specialist queries on clinical systems. Our queries are run remotely to eliminate the admin burden on GPs.

Operators can stratify their cohort and prioritise those in need by using an advanced range of predictive risk algorithms.

Having refined the cohort, automated SMS and postal invites can be sent from our NHS-approved mailing house with the click of a button.

All invites are tracked and reported on, enabling the effective management of local call and recall processes.

Optional plug-ins

Central invites: In addition to sending out invites from individual sites, central invites can be enabled. This allows project managers and/or commissioning authorities to process invites on behalf of GP practices.

Smoking cessation invites: Further to CVD prevention, other public health programmes such as smoking cessation are also supported.



Deliver empowering consultations that inspire lifestyle change.​

Core functionality

During in-person consultations, providers use this module to communicate risk clearly and powerfully. Individuals are supported to fully understand what their health status means for them through personalised advice and dynamic risk graphics.

Whether health checks are delivered remotely, in-person, or both, the system has been designed to support all methods of provision. Regardless of the contact method used, motivating behaviour change is universally hard-wired into the system’s design.

Thanks to the robotic process automation (RPA) pathways that underpin our technology, complete and accurate datasets are guaranteed.

Optional plug-ins

Self-assessment: Self-assessments allow people to go though a digital health check from the comfort of their own home. Based on self-reported and clinical data, predictive risk algorithms are used to determine whether to triage someone for an in-person follow-up. This allows you to reach those most in need.

Eligibility checker: The eligibility checker enables providers that are delivering health checks opportunistically in community locations with no access to patient records to check peoples’ eligibility status.

E-referrals: Automated e-referrals can be sent to commissioned lifestyle services, ensuring that your programme’s referral pathways are joined-up and streamlined.


Health Reporting

Give people the tools to change their lifestyle.

Core functionality

Individuals receive personalised reports containing bespoke information based on their risk profiles. All information is communicated in easy-to-understand terms, using colourful graphics and targeted advice. 

Signposting can be configured to include lifestyle services and digital support. Commissioners can tailor these follow-up services in line with the range available locally.

Personalised reports can either be printed or securely emailed to individuals.

Optional plug-ins

My Well Record: Enable providers to grant individuals access to their health results via a secure online portal. My Well Record can be used to create plans for change and explore the digital lifestyle support resources that can help users achieve their goals.


Data Transfer

Securely transfer health data to where it needs to be.

Core functionality

Electronically integrate with all clinical systems, regardless of whether your project is based in general practices, the community, or both.

Our SNOMED-compatible system enables coded health data to be automatically filed against individual patient records. All data is electronically transferred at the granular level.

Transfers are tracked and clear audit trails are available to commissioners and providers.


Data Analytics