Imperial College London research findings

High-level summary

Over a number of years, Health Diagnostics have collaborated with Imperial College London’s (ICL’s) Department of Primary Care and Public Health on a number of independent outcome studies that have investigated various aspects of the NHS Health Check Programme.

Support provided

Health Diagnostics role has, and continues to be, as an industry partner on the research. In addition to providing NHS Health Check datasets to researchers for analysis (subject to local commissioner permissions), Health Diagnostics have also provided consultancy and advice on the nuances of implementing and operating local programmes. Julie Evason, Managing Director at Health Diagnostics, is listed a co-author on the publications that have resulted from the collaboration.


Paper published in BioMed Central

Paper published in BMJ Open

Views of researchers

  • Researchers working on the evaluations have explicitly praised Health Diagnostics’ solution for its inherent ability to ensure complete datasets are collected by providers
  • One of the aforementioned studies by Woringer et al highlighted the specific suitability of Health Options in this respect for gathering “routine Health Check data” in a “patient centred” manner
  • In an interview with Maria Woringer – the lead researcher on the study – it was stated that data gathered with Health Diagnostics’ solution “had much better clinical and demographic recording of data [than that gathered using clinical system templates] because it was designed to collect data specifically for the health check. In addition, Health Diagnostics’ data underwent more routine checks than data that’s collected in general practice”