Health Diagnostics’ preparations for Britain’s departure from the European Union

Despite the political uncertainty surrounding Britain’s exit from the European Union, Health Diagnostics would like to assure working partners that, as an organisation, we have taken the necessary steps to prepare for the forthcoming transition and to guarantee our capacity to remain both innovative and competitive.

Thanks to the structure and configuration of Health Diagnostics’ information technology infrastructure, partners can be assured that any risks to the uninterrupted continuity of our digital services have been mitigated.

Health Diagnostics employ a broad range of individuals from a variety of nationalities; as an organisation, we are fully committed to ensuring that all of our valued staff continue to serve and be recognised as the vital members of our team that they are.

With respect to any supply chains potentially affected after Britain’s exit from the EU, Health Diagnostics have been in close discussion with relevant parties over on-going arrangements for the continued flow of goods and services. The alleviation of any impact on customers has been a fundamental shared aim, on all sides, of these collaborative talks.

In spite of any divisions that may have been engendered as a result of recent political activity, Health Diagnostics would like to assure colleagues and partners that we remain fully united in our support of them. Above all, our central aim is to stay focused on the job of supporting the important population health work that, together with these partners and colleagues, we are pursuing.